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Aeration, Seed, Top Dressing, Turf Painting, Dethatching, Soil Conditioning


A yard is only as good as its soil. Lawn aeration helps your lawn by allowing air, water, and nutrients to flow  into your soil where they’re most needed. Additionally,  aeration breaks-up compacted soils and improve root development throughout the soil which improves the effectiveness of top-dressing and fertilization.

Aeration, Seed, Top Dressing, Turf Painting, Dethatching, Soil Conditioning


Over-seeding is a quick and easy way to improve turf quality in Fescue during the fall and spring seasons or allow your warm-season turf to be lush and green all year. Ask us if this option is right for your lawn.


Our knowledgeable staff will assess your lawns needs and create a care plan that will get your lawn looking great.

We use top-dressing to smooth rough lawn areas and improve soil structures by adding a layer of sand or organic compost blends to your turf based on your lawn specific needs.

Turf Painting 

Keep your Warm-Season Grass Green all year round with our Turf Painting services. Our Team will carefully paint your turf with our environmentally friendly paint. Give us a call today to see how our Turf Painting Services work and how they can keep your turf green this winter.

Aeration, Seed, Top Dressing, Turf Painting, Dethatching, Soil Conditioning


Dethatching is important for the long term health and appearance of your turf as it t removes the thick layer of decaying plant material from your lawn so air, water, nutrients, and fertilizers can reach the soil. Dethatching also helps your lawn drain more effectively.

Aeration, Seed, Top Dressing, Turf Painting, Dethatching, Soil Conditioning


We offer a special soil conditioner program that is designed to help break down compaction from the red clay soil that is prevalent in the Upstate of SC. It adds micronutrients to the soil, balances PH and helps the roots develop. Deeper stronger roots will definitely take your lawn to the next level.


Proudly serving Upstate South Carolina: Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens,
Easley, Clemson, and all surrounding areas

About Us
Carolina Top Dressing, Fescue Top Dressing, Aeration, Soil Conditioning, Seeding, Turf Painting


Since 2007, we have been transforming, smoothing, and nourishing lawns around Upstate, SC. To put it simply, we are passionate about giving you the healthiest yard on the block and treat your lawn like we would our own. 
Here at Carolina Topdressing, we take into consideration the red Upstate clay, your grass type, and your lawn goals to ensure a healthy turf and long-lasting results.

With a commitment to creating healthy and beautiful turf, we are proud to serve residential lawns and commercial grounds with our topdressing, aerating, and over-seeding services. Carolina Topdressing is devoted to sound agronomic practices and dedicated to educating our team on cutting-edge techniques and procedures so we can confidently promise visibly better results and a beautiful, lush lawn.​

We know that you’ll love your new lawn, and you can trust that Carolina Topdressing will help you achieve the healthy and beautiful turf you expect.

Carolina Topdressing took their time to do the job correctly, and were an even better price than their competition.

Carolina Topdressing aerated and sand leveled my zoysia lawn. They arrived in the morning as promised, performed a thorough aeration and application of sand. They then followed with expert leveling and cleanup. The entire process was professional and totally satisfactory. A job well done!

Carolina Topdressing was great to work with! They were quick to respond and punctual on the day scheduled to aerate and sand my lawn. They went above and beyond to fix an unexpected issue with drainage in my yard. I will definitely be using them again every year to keep my grass looking it's best. I would recommend them to family and friends!

Great job done by the Carolina Topdressing team! Very efficient and mindful of my property. Extremely thorough application of sand to my new Zoysia lawn. I highly recommend!

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